Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Maja Trochimczyk- Three Poems

… Around the Roses

My ring for you is made of light
circling around your finger

My ring for you is too thick,
too uncomfortable to be ever taken
for granted, to ever slip off beyond
the sphere of your awareness.

With this ring, you’ll think of me
at every sunset, every dawn.

My love is in this ring, you know,
the ring you do not want
and are afraid of.

Let me say it again. My ring for you
is made of milky white agate,
a semi-precious, semi-opaque stone
that glows with an internal light
in the noon brightness of the land
of milk and honey.

My ring for you is meant to rest
on your right hand, the open palm
of endless promise.

I also bought a ring for me
thinking I might forget you, after
you’ll leave on that long journey
away from me, step by step
out of love.

On Melrose 

After a “yes” salon - purple crystals, 
resonance, enlightenment, peace 
and love in the air - I walk down Melrose
puzzled, immersed in that peculiar scent 
I try to identify… Hunger? Greed? 
I look around. Oh, yes, desperation. 
To be famous, to be fed, to be rich…
Lies, lies, lies, Upside down lives.
A parade of masks, costumes. 
Mirrored  letters. The reality 
disappears behind the façade.
Desperation and hunger.
Where is peace? 

Moonlight Competition

Is the new moon, too new
to feebly peek from under the heavy
curtain of the earth’s shadow?
Veiled in its pale gold and silver
it does not stand comparison
to the moving, brilliant letters
on the blimp – vigorously calling
to us from above, one urgent message
after another: “Buy it. Buy it now!”

Maja Trochimczyk, PhD, is a Polish-born poet, music historian, and photographer. She published six books on music and five of poetry: Rose Always, Miriam’s Iris, Slicing the Bread, and anthologies, Chopin with Cherries and Meditations on Divine Names

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