Monday, January 18, 2016

Theresa Griffin Kennedy- A Poem

The Laying Down of Feet

I stand diminished, the slickness of the street halos,
The summative results of my father's blue eyes.

Steps are slower now, the laying down of feet deliberate,
Careful not to injure and I am no longer masterfully deep--
In my schemes of tomorrow.

Teasing my suggestion slow, I wait for something to happen.
Something will happen, it always does.

I shall will it.

The scent of Spring time is long away now,
The threat of action hangs, morbid with promise,
In the air the tentacles climb over me.

Touching parts unseen, not understood or recognizable.

This coming scent of spring, unique, unlike any other smell.

Do you smell it, do you see it?
Its particles laying down
Blue in our throats.

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