Sunday, January 31, 2016

Noel Negele- Two Poems

Good Bye

It’s when the casket falls flat
On its hole and the relatives
Dressed in black like shadows
Screak as if knifed or impaled
That you feel the pain that you
Hear that wailing inside of you
Silent to the outside world but
Very much in insane tension within—
A loud vertiginous paroxysm spreading
Like tar to your organs, soul, heart and
Limps that you feel grief taking hold of
Your throat like a burning scarf—
To hold back the tears is futile;
You realise you'll never see him smiling again
And it is then that you soul,palpable with pain
Somewhere inside the ambers of your skull
Denuded of any optimism or sunray
Protests with sad bickering, remorseful 
To not have cared, to never have loved.

A Day

Got out of the house at 10 in the morning
After living for approximately six months
In the night-
The sun like an interrogation lamp
Asking me where I’ve been so long
Shinning that dull light of sobriety
And I went to the center of the city
For the hell of it
Read some books, grabbed a cup of coffee
Smoked a couple of cigarettes
Sitting on a bench, looking at  women
Passing by in a hurry, bathed in vitality
Places to go, shops to shop
Boyfriends to meet and love and torment
This day is a day to be shared
I thought and I got up and started strolling around
Pretending to be one of them
And I felt alright for a while
And I saw a gipsy kid singing gipsy songs
And a young guitarist singing Bob Dylan
Which was nice
And then I saw an old lady
Standing next to a department store
Begging for money, politely, with educated words
Because her husband was sick—
Holding this picture of an old man
Lying on his death bed, tubes up his nose
And it reminded me of my dead friend
For some reason
And I sunk my hands into my pockets
Grabbed all I had, which wasn’t much
And I extended my hand and she extended hers
And I felt her wrinkled palm receiving and her eyes
Curved in a smile and she thanked me kindly
Even if we both knew
It wouldn’t amount to anything.

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  1. A musical subtle epiphany of some cosmic great lyrical lines.