Saturday, January 30, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


conversations overheard,
send a chill down the spine,
and make one question reality,
or one's own sanity,
basic concepts of society,
never known,
or at least unlearned,
a religion,
a cure all for everything,
but ignorance,
trust placed with the criminal fringe,
congressmen and senators,
only flies on the web,
votes and speeches,
playing acting,
outcomes agreed upon before a foot steps upon the floor,
televised sessions,
only make the lies,
and deceptions,
easier to hide,
laws mean nothing,
if not honored,
or respected,
laws have no skin color,
neither black or white,
law abiding,
seems an insult,
instead of a concept,
to be valued,
chaos reigns,
inside of too many brains,
Hawkins may be right,
less than one hundred years,
the earth a paradise again.

The Elect
the chosen one,
self-satisfied savior,
the disillusioned dwell,
in the annals of history,
Julius Caesar to Barrack Obama,
wielding the power of government,
their own personal weapon,
ignoring the past,
and disdaining the future,
void of integrity,
discernment lacking,
believing the law resides,
within themselves,
the ship of state,
self-satisfied saviors.

The Activist
fuck the Republicans,
fuck the Democrats,
both parties,
more than willing to let America burn,
politics crazy,
socialists and bigots,
fight for power,
people arming themselves for Armageddon,
the hair on the back of the neck,
stands on end,
as trustworthy as a lineup of  felons,
go to the nearest bar,
pick a drunk,
Mr. President,
America look forward,
the future a better place to be.

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  1. Douglas Polk seizes on the meaning of power politics in
    his poetry.