Friday, January 15, 2016

Anggo Genorga- Three Poems

fixin' to die is all i hear

the sun is rising…the monkey talks of chasing
what’s left from last night’s delight
still up and running inside the brain;
a quick run to score some more to dream about
is what i need, not this morning’s dying light...

so how much we still got for food money?

heaven, almost

fog–enveloped skyscraper
in a young morning.
sun shines in silhouette;

a pearly gates opening
to some deranged mind.

stir-fry blues

cookin' my brain
on what seems to be
a very promising chemical
only to be eaten by
several hungry ghosts
that lurks in the
back of my head.

* published at last january 27,2014

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