Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lorri Primavera- Two Poems

Bio: Delicate feminist and turncoat moralist. Lives in a small chalet in the Gotallmighty bible belt. Endless loafer

Pisces Puck

Butter bread days and long lumpy nights
Living under the two story shadows
Sprinting and ducking over and under the branches and garbage
Lying for love and laughing at yourself and everyone else

Your voice is what most calls to me
And the movement of your lips
Soft and smiling

I will share you with the fluffiest cloud
And let your body rest occasionally
But feel not worn restless lips yet
Your voice
I am so entranced
Dedicate each spoken word to me

Shadow People

I feel so fragile, unkempt and bereft
Mopping up dishes, fried eggs and digress
Minus the sun, green grass and gnats
The days lived in darkness, despair and regret

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