Monday, January 18, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Syria Ignored

blood stains,
the hands of the West,
evil faced,
souls diminished,
promises unfulfilled,
strangle the fragile hopes,
multitudes glassy eyed,
await the end,
death assaults the nose,
creatures down dance the path,
to depravity,
and destruction,
human only in theory,
now of little value here,
almost an act of boredom,
the West,
monkeys three,
see no evil,
hear no evil,
speak no evil,
the President even afraid to say the name,
a Harry Potter subplot,
but where Obama's scar.
The Fugitive

Secretary of State Kerry,
the arrogance and ignorance,
does he understand?
he has no place left to run,
no place to hide,
once his reign is done,
the world shall demand payback,
he not the superhero,
he thinks he is,
his power,
nor his wealth,
will save him,
a butler at heart,
slave to his ego,
and a belief in his own intellect,
a man soon without a country,
a fugitive on the run,
for crimes against humanity,
and common sense.
The Campaign

natural born,
no c-section births allowed,
nor painkillers,
labor must not have been induced,
the Presidency at stake,
damn the painkillers,
and the forceps,
natural born the tribal leader must be.

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  1. Political poetry makes us think beyond the generalities
    of headlines to the horrors of our times and awareness
    of so much correctness,yet who will enable to address us to life's warring deathly issues except a poet.