Monday, September 29, 2014

Bradford Middleton- Three Poems


The drinking got me writing again
And man do I need to vent
Cos life right now truly sucks
The job is at its worst with threats
From bosses and me contemplating a big move
Back to London for better or worse

But I cant go back
Not enough money for a start
And where would I live?
In a hovel just as bad, if not worse, than here

This rented room is a nightmare
Full of jobs to be done or possibly just give up
Either get used to living in this dump
Or get out for good
Out to the suburbs for another rented room
Which I can grow used to just in time to move on again


The sun is hurting my eyes
But it’s the only thing keeping me warm
Because when the wind and rain return or
Night time falls it really makes
It a struggle just to stay in and be warm

This is 21st century living on the coldest of days
Not enough money to keep me warm
So I have to use the warmth of the sun
To stop me from freezing to death
In the battle of Mother Nature


When times are hard I find it easy
As I’ve never had it any other way
Hard times are difficult for some
Especially those who’ve had it all
But me, I’ve never had anything

Outside of my beer and my food
And those narcotics I need
I really don’t need anything else
Just a roof over my head and some
Pennies for my heater

Hard times aren’t good times
Like some would have you believe
They are just easier to deal with
If you started out with nothing
Like I do and always will

This isn’t how life is meant to be lived
But at the bottom it’s always easier
To own nothing at all
As at least then you ain’t got anything to lose
When the times get hard again

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