Friday, September 26, 2014

J.D. DeHart- Three Poems

Everyone here is green,
young and nascent,
not yet having earned
their true darkness.
Never mind; it will come
soon enough.  Their hearts
will be betrayed, minds
argued with, and the solid
truth of their twenties and
teens will settle into wavy
ideas and more open
conclusions later in life.
They will rise up the vine,
clinging for sunshine,
and see only the moon.
The Cell Comes Over
The cell came to visit,
but we did not see him pass
by, obviously stealing in with
the last of our company.
First, he was fine, a little
out of place.
Soon, other cells swam in
and gathered around him.
So now we have an unfortunate
tumor set up in the middle
of our happy company.
We offer a polite exit,
but he will obviously have to
be cut away.
Everyone is wearing
their own brand, but I do not see
them, nor do I see the holes
in their jeans.
I see their purpose, absorb
their voice, but the faded
labels and tucked or untucked
virtues do not gain my notice.

JD DeHart is the author of The Truth About Snails, a chapbook.  He is a staff writer for Verse-Virtual and his blog is

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