Sunday, September 28, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

i miss you

love those moments
of us buried deep inside me
no one cane take away
from me,
and though i wish we could still
be friends
i have made peace with
the fact that may never be;
we used to laugh on the
sunsets of the sun's
breathing in the song of the stars
as we danced with
the moon,
and everything in the cosmos
sparkled like the charisma etched
in your every step
and you inspired me to dream bigger
than ever before
make these dreams of mine
a reality—
too bad you can't see it all
and maybe it's foolish,
but i have hope that one day
we'll meet again
become fast friends and
chase sunsets
with mermaids again.

the giver

remember once
you told me that you couldn't wait to
read my books and see them
on the best seller's
list one day?
i hope you still feel the same way,
and i know i hurt you
i'm sorry
even if it isn't enough for you to forgive me
i wanted you to know that;
once we were sisters
i wish we
were still—
yet time can be a cruel teacher,
and the heart
remembers what the mind wishes it could forget;
i recall everything
from times spent together in edinboro and erie
to those spent in philly, too—
i recall meeting
your parents and your best friend
and everything seemed right in the world then
everything seems so wrong now,
but i know i'm the one
that messed it all up
with all my doubt and mistrust and insecurities
i pushed you away without meaning to;
and now when people tell me
they'll stay forever
i think of us and how you once said the same
and i cannot believe them no matter
how hard i try—
i never was good at trusting people
because i have a loving heart and i dote on people
i love to give
but takers never set limits
and my heart
gets exhausted of it all.

fractured heart

you were the nova
lost in the sunset of an edinboro sky
sparkling personality and all
in the charisma of your
and i always admired your courage and beauty
felt so honored when you chose to be
my friend,
and i'm sorry if i put you on a pedestal
only to knock you down
i never meant to
hurt you
please know that—
i'll always remember you even if you
cannot remember me
because you were the first person
to accept me for what i was
flaws and all,
and you were the one that taught me
scars were beautiful;
i miss our little talks and our autumn walks
shopping at the malls and dancing
at raves
discussing everything and nothing at all
all of life's little mysteries
to our rants about people and all the things they
didn't understand—
most of all i just miss you and your
because you were always
supportive and even when i was wrong you stood by
my side because that's what friends do,
and to this very day
i've never met anyone who has ever taught or meant
so much to me as you do and did
once upon a time
before i shattered our fairy-tale friendship
into the dragon's maw
burning it past the point of repair.

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