Sunday, September 7, 2014

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal- 3 Poems

I could see ghosts.
But I just keep
such things quiet. 
There's no telling
who will declare
that I'm insane.
I fall asleep
when I take too
much medicine.
I rather live
with the ghosts than
be force fed meds. 
I feel like a
zombie when I
don't get my way.
I miss the ghosts
when they are wiped
away by meds.
There was a beggar at the gates.
He stood with worn clothes and
a hole in each shoe.  He came
by to poke fun at the devil.
He said he knew hell on earth
and was not afraid to climb
the gates of hell.  He was cold
as a stone, thin as a bamboo
stick.  He prayed for entrance
with bitter tears.  He said he
had the best intentions and
he wanted to stay forever.
I bring the flame
to start the fire.
You bring the why
I do bad things.
If I was raised
to be a good
person, I would
not do bad things. 
But I was born
to a person
who did bad things
and so I learned
to do bad things.
This does not mean
I am blameless.
I bring the flame.

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