Monday, September 1, 2014

Subhankar Das- A Poem

Sending a cake virtually

I thought of baking a cake
for my friend and his old lady
with hash and pumpkin.
We had been talking and laughing
about this for days
and exchanging messages
about the amount of hash I should put
to make it kicking
and oscillating between present and future.

After making that cake
I took a bite
and saw the ants joining me in the party
freaking out jerking off their dreams
all over the table.
And soon I had nothing left to send
to that other planet where my friend lives.
Except those memories
of oscillation between
past present future
future present past.

Bio : Subhankar Das is a poet,  bookstore owner, and publisher of Bangla experimental material. He produced six short films that have been honored at international film festivals, and has translated the works Allen Ginsberg and Charles Bukowski in Bengali/

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