Friday, September 26, 2014

David S. Pointer- Three Poems

Life: Luck of the Draw Series

Once I saw another kid
getting kudos and social
concern from every direction
because his father had died in
Viet Nam, and for a while I
thought about recasting my
own deceased bank robbing
father into a more manageable
Green Beret hero or Marine,
but never did, I just kept quiet
about it most of the time, and
wrestled with the past like an
elongated alligator then the
years tore by and one day my
mom told me how my father
had pistol whipped an ex-Green
Bay Packer defensive player who
had flirted with her when my
father left their table for drink
refills then plowed into the guy
with excessive force immediately
revoking his in-process better
offer for future date night in
a more upscale friendly place.


Reckless Driving Elegy

At the demolition derbies’
I’d see annual crowds watching
car after car intentionally and
quite easily plowing into each
other, so that when I heard a
caller had (mis) spoke or over
spoke on adrenaline of Rob
Bironas behind him in a high
powered SUV “trying to run
him over” it didn’t quite ring
out as correct or true, maybe
countless things such as an
agitated driver inside over
bearing metal going off with
road rage adverbs and nouns
trying unsuccessfully to pass
a slow car, or maybe the slim
difference between hospital bed
and digital obituary makes us
all uncomfortable, eyeballing a
mangled, cut, crushed, misshapen
SUV powered by a lead-footing
fatality who if he’d just been a
little luckier might have kicked
a 70 yard field goal for his next
NFL employer in prime time, as
America grapples over a grieving
young widowed bride, blindsided

With This Hammer and Nails

-Dedicated to Ed Guest in Memoriam

After the advertisers,
financial elite and CIA
operatives finished sanitizing
and demilitarizing poetry they
turned it over to the English
professors who elevated the
language and drew in the
perimeters on what would
be called ‘literature,’ creating
an inhumanly constructed system
where they would take poetry
away from the average people
while keeping all the major awards
and corporate welfare grants for
themselves while getting paid for
their career silence avoiding issues
that would offend the economic
paymasters leaving the remnants
of a system similar to giving classical
musicians all the money, accolades
and full time teaching/writing jobs
while starving out the rockers, blues-
men and country types musicians in
the form of small press poetry.

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