Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


she calms my soul,
with a look,
a nod of her head,
gives me strength,
her patience unending,
the love of my life.


the day breaks among cloudy skies,
orange and gray,
with only patches of blue,
an omen of the day ahead,
or only the meteorology of the moment at hand,
time shall be the judge.

An Explanation of Belief

God is a metaphor for life,
the personification of life,
life creates quality and value,
without life there is no quality,
there is no value,
without God,
the same can be said,
value and quality once created never dies,
but eternal and everlasting,
scripture searches for quality and value,
attempts to define and discover,
quality and value,
Jesus Christ calls us as Christians to be life sustaining,
our actions,
good or bad,
possess quality and value,
eternal and everlasting,
we are created in God's image,
we also have the ability to create life,
sex is sacred because it is life giving,
if sex creates no life,
it becomes a selfish act,
an explanation of belief,
eternal and everlasting.

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