Thursday, October 2, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

deeper than reality or dreams

i wanted you as the dream
not the reality
where you were my knight in shining armor
and i the fair maid you met
in the wood,
and our true love's kiss
would break the spell of every hurt that had
ever wounded us;
but the reality is that you could
never be mine—
i cannot hate you
even though there's a part of me that wishes
i could
my heart will go on even through the
pain you caused me,
and my anger dies as soon as i realize i am not
perfect either and so i say
to both reality and dreams
because the harsh truth is everyone is going to hurt you,
and i don't quite know who is worth
suffering for;
would rather slip inside the cover of a book and escape
into a world not my own
and pretend that maybe there i belong
because i am not of this

won't apologize

you want for me to dance
rivers of apology
to your
but you're the only one
that's sorry;
i am always me
but you're the man of a
thousand faces
none of them kind—
if you tear down the
charm and charisma
the cowardice
of your fangs shines through
brighter than the
silver of your fur,
and i will apologize no more
to the man that
painted me every shade of a bleeding moon
whose false sincerity and lies
nearly broke my soul
into a thousand fragments of stars
that would of left the night's sky bereft of darkness.

better off without you

where i want to be
is in your arms
if it's not the place that is best
for my health
even knowing it was a lie
i remember the kindness
that almost
gave birth to truths
laying deep in the rivers of your blue
but it can never be mine
for you are a wolf
devoid of
loyalty or warmth born of the deepest
blue snow that kisses night—
a white raven
once danced her feathers against the
blue of your moon,
and her only
prize was a blood red moon
scarring her with all the nuances of a lust
disguised as love;
and the sad thing is you probably don't
remember me
your memory as poor as it is—
you told me that we should be strangers,
but were we really anything but?
as i stand counting the stars
there's a bright
again in my eyes without you,
and i realize
in my folly i thought you were the dream
and i wanted the
dream not the reality of you.

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