Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

A Shared Experience

a light on in the White House,
questions and problems pondered in the dark of night,
around the kitchen table,
the same questions seen by different eyes,
the insecurity and uncertainty,
neither the powerful nor the poor,
to sleep well tonight.
The Vote

government debated,
the election nears,
life survived,
instead of lived,
both right and left,
school kids,
the teacher absent,
government debated,
the entire concept,
a lesson misunderstood.
In the Camera's Eye

he hit her,
the camera does not lie,
the event seen by a million eyes,
the story untold,
matters not in the least,
the mob,
judge and jury,
the facts remain,
privacy non-existent,
he hit her,
the camera does not lie.

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