Thursday, October 23, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems


i am someone's hero
just haven't
found him yet,
and he's my hero too;
but i never ask
for help
so would he dare to save
me anyway?
i hope so
because i'm too stubborn
for my own good,
and i hope
he'd be brave enough
to let me save
him, too;
because everyone needs a
because the path to
redemption is hard—
we're all stuck
on this earth together
all with our own personal
to endure,
and i hope he
finds me soon
because i've always wanted to
have children and
and a true love
that fantasy novels would
i wonder if my
hero is coming
or if i'm the one
that will have to save
him first.

holding onto hope

i am complete on my own
a whole
not a half,
and yet even wholes feel lonely
they're incomplete without
whether it's mere friendship or romance
or both
depends on the man or woman,
but i know my heart
has enough love
embrace the whole world;
there is a man
out there that will show me
why it never worked
out with anyone else and while i wait
for that man i will continue
to dream and to write and to soar through
clouds of laughter and light
being a candle
for all those who lost their light
to cast magic into the hearts of those that
don't believe in love anymore
because hope
is the thing with the feathers and the wings
and it will always fly if it's given
the chance.

a queen in desire

i do not know
to whom
my heart will one day reside,
so today
i dance in all the field and streams
singing with faeries
and swimming with mermaids;
i know that i am whole
on my own,
and i do not need a man to blossom
into all my petals
yet this queen desires a king—
i'd fight by his side,
and we would ride dragons
slaying all of life's monsters together until
they disappeared into oblivion's
and when peace came
we could together explore the rivers
full of wonder and magic
learning more about each other and ourselves—
not every queen needs a king,
but i wish to share the
jewels of my love with another and create
a world all our own
blessing the world with a love they can
look up to
one that mirrors the heavens above;
a love fantasy novels
could envy.

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