Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mark Hudson- A Poem

The dream of the dead snake

About one week ago, I had a dream,
I was in the woods, and I saw a snake.
The snake was slithering towards me,
so I grabbed a cane like I was Moses
and the snake slithered around the cane
just like my old man caught the centipede
on the trip when we went to Wisconsin
then i captured the snake and a voice
said, "Leave him out in the sun, so
his head will catch on fire and you
can take a picture of it," so I did.
Just like when I went on a fishing boat
with my dad and Uncle Jack, and
we discussed how stupid worms were
and that after rain storms they lay out
in the sun till they writhed to death.
The next day, I read on the internet
that a venomous snake was loose
in California, who bit a dog, and
the dog is going to die. I doubt
that means I'm psychic, maybe I
ate spaghetti before I went to bed
for all I know.

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