Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bradford Middleton- Three Poems


Is life merely the banal collecting of quality goods?
A family, a house and of course a job
Or can it be more like the route I have taken
That of isolation, rented rooms and too much fun

I had my time when I couldn’t wait for the weekend
So I learnt why wait for anything when you can do it now?

Tuesday lunchtime and I’m running a thirst already
So why should I wait?
Fuck waiting for a respectable hour
It’s time for a drink or two now

Friday night can happen on Tuesday lunchtime
There’s no point in wasting your life just do it now

This is what it means to live
A real freedom to do what you want
Outside of the obvious whilst saying a
Big fuck you to the mainstream and their worried concerns


I’m walking down the street
Cloaked in abject misery
Speeding up close to death with the sense that time is running out
But now it’s fuelled by coffee and pure rage
None of the dodgy stuff these days
Cos my mind can’t take any more

It’s my mind that tells me were fucked
And something’s got to change
For the sake of us all
But I see no one coming forward
With ideas to engage with the disenfranchised
The great silent minority whose position is doomed

We show signs of self-loathing, wild abandonment or just plain distraction
About our situation
When what we’ve got to do is join together
And bring about a fundamental change
To this unfair and unjust society in which some have it all
And others have next to nothing

When Thatcher died I hoped it would signal
A sea-change in attitude but if anything its got worse
The Mail and The Sun call for a more right-wing approach to solving our problems
That will leave the likes of me fucked forever
With no money to live then what is the point of work
And when that situation arises it means we’re all fucked, fucked forever


I’ve been wasted so long
I got a sickness in my mind
A sickness that is ascending my mind
To new levels of insanity
At which point I’ll quit
Happy at last in my natural state

I know I’ve been altered
Due to the twenty-six years
Of doping and almost every
Other form of street narcotic
In our land leaving
My mind in a state of bliss

Something really odd has got
To explain why it’s like this now
There were so many years
When it was just easier to forget
But now something has clicked
For how long we shall see…

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