Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tatjana Debeljacki- Two Poems

Eyes with dreams

Closed eyes-like red in petals
gloss whispers to recall to nearer dreams
light of quest reasons to reason
what kiss needs to embrace gloss
sky is not far away from glimpse
as eye harvests moon of gleams
stars beacons to enlighten path
blue when reels in skin of sky.
heart riffles in torque of spumes
sky still tears in rain of clouds
as rise of sun awaits to inspire
as shadow rocks vision to listless
storm seems to heave speechless
silhouette portrays art of silence
are we not same as what we are
quantum night dissipates void.


      The muscles were tense to extremes but I never thought of giving up. With the strength of an animal, so typical of a desperado, I clutched the railing although I was not convinced that the Lord was with me. Drops of sweat were falling down my forehead, stinging my wide open eyes, and the vein on my neck, puffed up like a pipe, was pumping blood into my head. A transparent haze was spreading treacherously, and micro stars were twinkling in a cluster, whistling monotonously.
      Everything was in colour.
      Terrified, I realized that that my fingers were wet and that the railing was sliding from my helpless hands. I tried something but without success. The train went on quickly down the track while I was lying in the mud, defeated.
      He was on it.

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