Saturday, October 5, 2013

Melanie Browne- Three Poems

Glut Yourself

Spit it all out,
The poisons you
Drink every day,
The toxins invading
Your soul,
Glut yourself,
Then run naked
Through the park,
But if you get arrested,
Please don’t blame this poem


There are lots of videos
on youtube about
mind control,
some of them talk
about invisible weapons,
for instance, you could
have been hacked in
the back by an axe
and be walking around
and not even realize it!
Also, apparently there
are secret programs,
that you may be enrolled
in without your knowledge!
It’s not like a discount program,
more like a program to
warp your mind and those of
your neighbors,
I really should be washing dishes
right now,but there’s too much
I need to learn

X Marks the spot

Someone painted
An “X” on Elm
Street marking
the spot where
JFK was assassinated
Fifty years ago,
If you go down to
Dealey Plaza, you
Can see hungry tourists
posing on the spot,
pooching out their
lips, throwing up
gang signs, or giving
an enthusiastic thumbs
up, while trying to avoid
becoming another casualty
by an oncoming car.
Someone painted
an “X” on Elm Street
marking the spot where
Dallas would become a
Pariah, collectively
becoming the scapegoat
for a nations heavy grief,
a city learning to adapt to it’s
new mantra of the
“city that killed the president”
If you stare at the spot too long
You turn into a conspiracist,
Doomed to a life of solitude
and frozen tv dinners all
The remaining days of your life

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