Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Michael Cluff- A Poem

Still Waters Cover-up:
Explosive Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs

To be truthful,
Polly Grider could not
recall exactly
the word or term
that made her unbalanced enough
to attack Dusty
and then drag him around
her front yard
when she was twelve
and he nine;
she must of had
a tight and intense grip
into his scalp
since he had the shortest crew cut
Hiram had ever seen
in his forty-four years
of life.

It took the Loyza twins and Mr. Materson
combining their strength
to pull her off him
and some blood
remained below Eloy L's fingers
for days to come.

she resents them
for letting her release Dusty
with so little damage incurred.
And she takes it out on strays
when she hides them
straight off the abandoned back street
near the silent-encrusted
railroad tracks
of Meander Park.

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