Thursday, October 17, 2013

John Yohe- Three Poems

Each day is a journey and the journey itself, home-Basho


When it was my turn to solo
I opted to do the whole thing in C minor
and I could tell that you knew that I knew
that you and Isaac and Rachel
had plans later which didn't include
meaning in the common sense way
but meaning in the traditional wayward youth sense
meaning that I still thought you were attractive
but meaning too that the desert scene in your last movie
was real or at least based in reality
and/or our history together both in the band
and as a couple of homeless kids
begging for change and a place to slip
into unconsciousness
was where I could wake in the morning
to you playing guitar


The stars in your headscarf
remind me of the beach

at night
with the wind

and that lighthouse
out on the jetty

where I walked out once
by myself

when I was young
and my family thought I'd drowned

Doctora Sax

I admire you and your ability to improvise in 9/8
and I wish we were trapped inside a hotel room
during a thunderstorm where we would soon discover
that we were merely distinct personalities
of one crazy person
though not too crazy I hope since how would
that reflect on our choice of pay-per-view movies
which range from porn to children's narratives
which you would argue are merely another form of porn
though at that point the pizza delivery boy would arrive
miraculously and with crushed red pepper packets
stuttering as you open the door in your underwear
and a paper bag over your head
with eyes and mouth holes and a tiger's face
sketched Picasso-style around them
though the strange part would be finding out
that the pizza delivery boy is another personality
of this mysterious “being” who in fact is a character
in a movie on pay-per-view tonight
but your saxophone sounds lovely out here in the desert
confusing the coyotes and making them curious
like I am curious about that tattoo on your stomach
of two women kissing

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