Saturday, October 5, 2013

Douglas Polk- Two Poems


The world in chaos,
nations look inward for control,
right or wrong, 
no longer the main goal, 
survival at any cost, 
people but pawns, 
sorted and ranked, 
equality evolves, 
more a justification, 
than an actual goal, 
history forgotten, 
no longer the teacher it once was, 
pay back now more important, 
than correcting past wrongs, 
ignorance and idleness, 
the preferred state of being, 
encouraged by governments, 
unable to deal with the chaos, 
civilization teeters on the brink, 
the world in chaos, 
now not the time, 
to stop and think.


The world awaits, 
toxic the air over Syria, 
war begets war, 
bombs killing, 
in response to killing, 
the scales balanced, 
in the math of diplomacy, 
perception everything, 
ideals pure, 
and unreal, 
the reality, 
the air over Syria toxic.

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