Saturday, October 5, 2013

Brittany Zedalis- Two Poems

The Ocean Flows Free

The ocean beneath
my feet, the sand
Sliding through my
fingers, I'm free.

I see the
seagulls, making their
Way towards the sun 
and the sky, they're free.

The breeze blows
cool, on my face
Hot tears of loss and
love, fall free.


A fantasy

Built from dreams

Deep in their mind

A never-ending reverie

A twist on reality

   Forgetful of truth

Or morals

   Or why

A fantasy

   Vicious and shedding self control

A fantasy

     As simple as the definition

Of insanity

Brittany Zedalis is a 21 year old married poet studying to be an elementary teacher. She has been published in Dead Snakes, Verse Land, The Camel Saloon, and Leaves of Ink. She loves poetry and snakes. She has her own baby ball python named Riddick.

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