Thursday, October 17, 2013

Douglas Polk- A Poem

The Senate during a government shutdown

a government shutdown,
the Senate begins,
majority leader Harry Reid,
a high school classmate of Joseph Stalin,
professes his love of the nation,
his only job to sit and masturbate,
convinced what is good for him,
is good for the nation,
dull to the point of painful,
he rambles on and on,
while minority leader Mitch McConnell,
makes his way to the Senate floor,
sounding like an Alzheimer's patient lost in another generation,
mumbling an incoherent complaint or two,
before being interrupted by Dick Durbin of Illinois,
oozing slime,
eyeing the visitor's gallery,
like a third rate actor,
he is rightly named,
slimy and chickenshit,
followed by John McCain,
a rebel from Arizona,
still fighting wars both real,
and imagined,
believing himself a statesman,
because Lindsey Graham of South Carolina,
said so,
  . . . . makes one wish the government open,
but the Senate shutdown,
and closed for repairs. 

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