Monday, October 14, 2013

Dawnell Harrison- Three Poems


I was thrashing
my bones against
your heart in the icy
chill of December as
the white bursts of snow
numbed your soul solid.
I did not reach out
to your broken hands
that could no longer
hold a thread of my
endangered longing.

Train wreck

A squall of birds
bent down to see
the wildfire bellowing
near the train wreck
waiting to happen.
Above a blackened sky
I slept with empty dreams
as my mind crashed against
something not called love.

Scuttled sea

I swam through
a scuttled sea
to the sugar white
sands of the shore.
A round of heaven
buckled and drooped
in the sky sagging,
pink, and unreachable.
The milky moon Mother
with her silver luminosity
shown in the sky like lights
coming up in my eyes.

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