Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tom Hatch- A Poem

All American Girl

Sells Avon (Avon Calling)
Thinking of fruit and vegetable stands 
Apple pie out doors
Garden dinner party ferns
Table and chairs at tea
An all American girl
Church in the AM 
Target practice at noon 
Selling Avon and ammo
Masquera and munitions
All in the same door bell ring
They want to take God We Trust
Off the dollar bills
I'll engrave it on my 45
And preach it selling Avon
To be beautiful in his second coming
Waving arms here I am I love 
You Jesus Avon told me so
Don't come too soon 
My 45 will be here in two
Days and I really want to shoot something


  1. Awww Great job. You know years ago I did sell avon.

  2. Thanks Becca, this is my niece. Praise the lord. She is lovely!

  3. I know the Avon biz. . .did that too! Ooh, and Tupperware! Excellent piece, Tom!