Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Robert Demaree- Poetry


The choir has sung
A modern setting
Of Ubi Caritas
Where there is love—
And I search for the
Source of the text,
Carried across a thousand years,
Medieval abbeys to Protestant chapels,
And always the agreeable, hopeful God
You want and need and expect.
But here’s the trouble with the Internet.
On the same screen:
Did you know that
Ubi Caritas’s criminal record
Can be searched?
First name Ubert, perhaps,
Goes by “Ubi.”

Two Senryu

Organic Greens

Vivaldi playing,
Cool mist on arugula:
Upscale grocery store.


Hard times in N.C.
Vacant slots in the strip malls,
Abandoned motels.

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