Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dawnell Harrison- Three Poems

Cowboys and angels

Cowboys and angels
Fill the night

In this small Idaho town
In the middle of somewhere.

Tunes drift in waves
From the jukebox and the light

Of the moon filters down
Filament by filament.

I travel down the dirt-sodden
Path with you always married
To my eyes.

Dissected shadows

Dissected shadows linger
On the rock wall near

The sea’s edge.
The seagulls hover like

Grey kites.
Sparrows dissolve like

Rain under a dust of wings.
It feels like tomorrow will
Never arrive.

Red ruby fire

Out of your eyes I saw
The light slide and gather

In a burst of rays –
Red ruby fire glints

So unwavering,
So sure,

So unceremoniously as
If it were meant to be.

I hold this fire in my
Mind’s eye and hope

Your eyes will always
Glint in unwavering light,

Spark a fire in the dark,
Speak to me in the cold hours
Of the dawn.

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