Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

stubborn caterpillar
my anger for you licks and burns so brilliantly i'm
surprised i haven't burned either of us in its flames;
you are so selfish and self-centered you make politicians
look as sweet as they pretend to be, you are vinegar
feigning the identity of honey because even you have
enough sense to be ashamed of what you truly are -
but you don't care enough to change; you'll always 
remain a caterpillar and never be a butterfly
for you are too comfortable in your cocoon no matter
how many people you hurt or inconvenience by refusing
to budge from your current state of imperfection.

glass of joy
the beat plays on
as you lay upon the floor
lamenting a love that never
cared for you in return -
you could have flooded the
whole world twice in
your mournful agony,
but he isn't thinking of you -
so pick yourself up off the ground,
and show him why he was wrong
remembering that golden yesterdays
are bottled in the arms of the
future, so crack open a 
glass and swim into oceans of joy.

cast away
the sky was cut into ribbons, and you chose to
paint me scarlet and brown freckling me with joy
and love and a splash of righteous anger and indignation -
once you were pure and honest and held me to
your bosom so lovingly, but one day you sent me away
to focus on things i could not understand; all i
understood was i no longer mattered to you, you had
a new prodigy and a new love and you painted her
lilac freckled with joy and laughter and a splash of lust.

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