Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

the day the lilies died
the day the lilies died
you tucked my hair behind
my ear and your fingers
pranced daintily over my face -

you looked at me with such
intensity I thought I would 
surely drown in the ocean
of your blue green eyes;

you proceeded to then massage
my shoulders, my neck, my breasts -
my body quivered under your
touch, as sensitive as those lilies

whose lilt had been extinquished 
like the lantern of a dying star;
your lips crashed into mine
waves slamming into the shore -

you swallowed my tears and
all of my fears in a large
gulp, they disappeared as a
snow in a spring thaw -

you threaded your fingers with mine,
and took a clumsy girl and painted
her into a woman; you poured me a
glass of champagne and told me that

everything would be okay, in a constant
volley of change I knew not if I could 
trust those words, but I knew also
that it were not your aim to harm me;

you licked my wounds and deepest
hurts the best way you could; I 
never meant to worry you, but
I fell like a land stone in the river -

I had not the strength to save
myself so you pulled me from the 
muddy waters and washed away all
the miry clay of yesteryears past -

yet you wouldn't let me do the same;
you insisted on healing yourself, and 
I tried not to let that wound me -
I'd already shed too many petals.

lord of lies
stifling hot as the flames of hell
that's how hard your words cut -
copses of flesh lay littered in the room,
a slaughter house for hopeful hearts;
because all you do is shatter them,
and dance on the broken red glass for you
have no shame or pride only hateful eyes
colder than the glimpse of old man winter -
once you deceived me with your charisma for
you are your father's son, a lord of lies that
know no end of beginning they only consume
until your victim is nothing but ash, yet you
declined to take note that i'm an autumn
phoenix burning and such tactics will fail on me.

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