Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Donal Mahoney- A Poem

Why Not Do Away With Sundays

There are fewer believers now
than at any time in recent history
but they are still recruiting since 
lions no longer wait for them
in ancient coliseums.

Believers knock on doors,
seeking to convert folks who are 
dining, reading, maybe copulating, 
an interruption certain to disturb  
even those open to the message.

So why not do away with Sundays,
change to a six-day week
and make every day a work day.
If we do away with Sundays
believers may come to understand

folks on Earth are here to work, 
buy nice things, pay taxes 
and die at a reasonable age 
so other folks can have their jobs 
and not rely on unemployment, 

the way so many must today.
If we do away with Sundays
we can set believers straight 
even if we have to hire a lawyer
and take the case downtown.

If we lose the case, we'll appeal
and if we lose the appeal
we can take a jet to Washington 
and picket the Supremes.
In Washington, noise wins.

Donal Mahoney finds that sometimes a poem turns out to be a hybrid in that it says just the opposite of what he means while it also says precisely what he means.  And then, confusion reigns.

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