Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sunil Sharma- A Poem

March 8…and, afterwards

They clapped for them
While the fat- balding boss
Gave away fresh roses:
Yes, the long-stemmed
With few thorns remaining
And the gift-wrapped tumblers---
Company’s way of equity and progress!
After few speeches on the Women’s Day
And free cakes and chocolates,
The day was over!
Back to work, girls!
They did---dutifully.
Some, truly relieved, the annual event got over.
Majority females thinking of long suburban commutes
---They are tough and challenging in the over- packed Mumbai locals---
And planning quick dinners
Buying of groceries, return trips
And tomorrow’s breakfasts
For their dependent families,
While punching computers…viciously
With dainty fingers, manicured and red-polished.

(Mumbai-based Sunil Sharma finds surviving the daily sweet poisons of a post-industrial society easy with the aid of poetry. He thinks---wrongly?---that it restores some sanity in a world mad about eating and possessing things by counter posing the spiritual.)

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