Thursday, March 3, 2016

Melanie Browne- Three Poems

If You want to see the cosmos, you better slow down

bring it to a
a two,
a one and two
you are the slowest
you are the seahorse
the circles in 
a thousand year old oak,
so slow, 
you hear the Duke of
Berwick sneeze,
like freeze 
dried ice-cream,
like a 
Sputnik- era Soviet satellite
slow like restoring
a Chevy Camaro
in your dads
greasy garage
slow like a horse
named Nelly,
do you want to burn alive like Jack kerouac?
are you going to tap tap 
dance yourself into a syrup puddle?
This isn't Good Morning Vietnam,
you aren't on the
Speedy Mc'Harefooted highway,
life shouldn't be 
a hastily microwaved 
half -frozen
chicken sandwich
you have to slow the hell down
get your foot off the 
lava-veined accelerator
you and your 
drip drop lollipop
let me hear your foot stomp
if you want to hear the cosmos
you better slow that shit down

Sounds like a good day for a Brawl at Chuck e Cheese

bring your friends,
I'll bring my attitude,
I'm getting bored 
with skee-ball,
bored with flimsy
salad offerings and 
the all -you- can -drink
sugar fiesta buffet,
smelly kids clamoring
for free game tickets,
I want Drama! 
I want excitement!
I want 911 calls
& viral videos!
it Sounds like a good 
day for a brawl
at Chuck e Cheese
be there,
or be square

finger wagging & tongue lashing 

The newscaster lady says 
there is a lot of
finger wagging & 
tongue lashing,
the candidates 
have lost their heads,
so have the voters,
they move them all
to the asylum
& give them all
a sedative
the night duty nurses
are reporting that
everyone is calm
and watching 
Top Gun
while the rain
is tapping
on the windows

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