Thursday, March 3, 2016

Donal Mahoney- Three Poems

Robin Hood and Nero

Two people so different
can view the poor
through different lenses

and offer a solution
but not the same solution
while America decides.

One is Robin Hood
who would take from some
and give to others.

The other is Nero
who would let more crumbs
fall from his table.

Cobra’s Wife

She’s a snake charmer
but doesn’t know it.
That’s why the cobra 

married her and has lived
so many years in its basket.
Sometimes he asks her

not to play the flute, 
perhaps brush her hair instead,
that lovely waterfall 

cascading to her ankles.
Not always wise to play the flute, 
although the cobra loves its notes.

No bob and sway for him today.
Instead, the cobra plans to lie  
coiled in its basket.

Deer Season

There’s always something. 
Like the growth you found 
under your arm 
showering this morning
but you decided to go 
deer hunting anyway.

Every year you sit 
in your tree stand so high 
no deer has ever seen you 
and no other hunters 
have ever come by.
Far out in the country.
An occasional owl hoot.

But today you were
checking your cell phone 
and fell out of the tree 
and now you can’t move.
Both legs may be broken.

It’s dusk and two coyotes 
are walking around you, 
getting closer.
You shoo them away but 
they’re patient and stay,

not even growling. 
Maybe you can forget 
about the growth you found 
under your arm.
The good news is
no co-pay.

Donal Mahoney lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

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