Friday, March 11, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Campaign Promises

reality tinted through rose colored eyes,
candidates only preachers,
giving sermons about better ways,
reliving better times,
the truth too scary to truly contemplate,
resources dwindle,
while the populations increase,
poverty can never be legislated away,
the hypocrisy easy to spot,
only if even the uneducated brave enough to see,
the reality,
life is always unfair,
wealth created and accumulated,
by the luck of the draw,
no playing field can ever be completely leveled,
priorities biblical,
there will always be,
an us or them,
a him or me,
the community of nations,
or a nation of citizens,
forever consisting of users and abusers,
campaign promises,
only reality,
seen through rose colored eyes.



Jesus baptized in the Jordan,
by his cousin John,
water the symbol of life,
sacred and eternal,
Moses parting the Red Sea,
Hebrews given another change at life,
as they flee,
when crucified,
blood and water,
flowed from Jesus's side,
when life ended,
and his body finally dead,
sacred and eternal,
another chance given,
for those who abide.

Constitutional Law in a Nutshell

once upon a time,
politicians lived under the constitution,
ogres and monsters living beneath a cellar door,
the latch broken while the people slept,
ogres now free,
with monsters stuffing people,
beneath the cellar door.

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