Friday, November 6, 2015

Melanie Browne- A Poem

Aliens Killed JFK

a woman on a podcast
had a love affair 
with Oswald,
and said they 
used lasers to
control Oswald's mind,
I think back to yesterday
when I felt that 
someone was forcing me 
to buy frosted flakes,
but I don't even
like Frosted Flakes,
I like Cookie Crisp,
so I could relate to
what she was saying,
She said he wanted
his steaks rare and
made strange
non-human noises
while reading
the newspaper,
when I combine
this newly acquired
with what I learned
from a podcast about
human hybrids,
I decide you shouldn't
drink tap water,
because it might
make you 
boring and 
you might find yourself
following the
Kardashians on Twitter,
while the extraterrestrials
have the upper hand,
ruling the world
with their 
evil yet clear-headed

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