Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


without integrity,
justice can not survive,
government agencies evolve into weapons used by the corrupt,
and the powerful,
ideology dominates the legislative process,
it only matters what is good for the party,
but does not care what is good for the state,
an infection spreading and sickening,
the foundations of the country,
and the structure of its laws,
termites or a cancer,
that will not be contained,
justice ridiculed,
a concept to defy,
integrity ceases to exist,
and justice slowly dies.

A Bolshevik

hard and harsh,
a shot of vodka,
across the negotiating table,
Stalin's right hand man,
his name now famous for the homemade bombs,
created in his honor,
an amazing bureaucrat,
nicknamed "iron arse",
by Lenin,
he outlasted them all,
defending Stalin,
even after his fall,
hard and harsh,
like the bomb created in his honor.

The New SS

the FBI,
now America's SS,
soviet comissaries,
away from the front lines,
attacking the nation's police,
safe and secure,
looking over shoulders,
ready to investigate,
any actions taken,
or decisions made,
demanding fairness,
when its conduct so very unfair,
J. Edgar Hoover would truly be proud,
the agency,
now the bully,
he envisioned so long ago,
intimidating and harassing,
anyone who disagrees,
or has an independent thought.

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