Sunday, May 3, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

a second chance 
that ship has sailed
you can't believe everything you've heard about me
i will never be under your control again
you are but a man, no god
no one knows that better than i;
seduced by your mystery and intrigue and beautiful
lustrous locks
i let my common sense fade into the wings of
let my infatuation guide me
both my mind and my heart sighed
i ignored them,
and in return my heart was shattered and you left my soul
in such a state of agony that it spooled outward so
far the moon could turn and kiss it in a
but the moon instead took those pieces
sewed me back together
looked me in the eyes and told me to pick myself up—
i woke one morning and the pain you had
caused me was gone
it was a second chance to live again 
to fall in love again
as if i had never been hurt

shining fearless as the sun 
the sun shines ever so brightly
my joy shines radiant
as sunbeams,
i know you'd like to think that you're
the reason;
but i don't think of you that way anymore
i loved you once and always
but i'm not in love
i can move again without being in such deep
suffering that you are not mine—
though, i'll always wish things happened
differently, i'm not going to dwell
on the past;
my eyes face forward for a reason and i know
there's a beautiful future waiting for me
in the burning smile of the fearless

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