Sunday, May 3, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


the Baltimore riots,
bastard child of an Arab Spring,
and Occupy Wall Street,
expectations and excuses,
grow with each passing day,
dependence bred from generation to generation,
the reasons for the riots,
along with the scapegoats,
visible to all,
the truth in plain view,
but for many,
not so easy to see.
The Court

justice supreme,
a razor's edge,
five to four,
over and over again,
once quite sharp,
now dulled with abuse,
politics not justice,
rules the day,
the court's chief justice,
voice less,
ball less,
and a bit of a nerd,
a Bush appointee,
a crippled little lady,
with enormous pull,
enormous sway,
dominates the court,
now a place of politics,
instead of law,
anarchy institutionalized.

The U.N.

the United Nations,
Roosevelt's joke,
could only live,
because he died,
four terms of Roosevelt,
and stagnation and decay,
creating a nation of morons,
the nicest thing to say,
World War II a saving grace,
producing soldiers,
and leaders,
unafraid of the Washington elite,
fully aware of Roosevelt's joke, 
best ignored,
and disobeyed.

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