Monday, April 6, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

farewell to fair weathers

you may open your protests
as you are more than willing to do,
but it doesn't make my points
irrelevant or my opinion sway;
your mouth seems like a protest never
ending in it's lethargy and my body
and mind both tire of your aura and energy
which exude nothing but complaint
and want—
to be quite frank i'm glad you're gone
because like rhett i've gotten to the point where,
"frankly, my dear, i don't give a
you took me for granted and you always treated
me like your fool so thank you for stabbing me
in the back
made it all the more easier to cut these ties
connecting us in their somber song—
farewell my fair weathered friend
you were never there
absent in the end, and the one thing i could count
on was that you wouldn't be there when i fell.

a thousand wounds

once i brushed you with all my feathers of compassion
now i only let the regret shine in all my silence
because you always tried to force my hand,
and no one likes to be told what to do;
especially not a rebel heart
a wild soul
like me—
i was always an individual
a lone raven
strong and independent and beautiful,
and you always tried to clip my wings and draw me
back to you;
i have higher ambitions than this silly little town
bigger dreams than your gilded cage
could ever afford me
and my songs are not for you and you alone
so now i fly away—
you left a thousand wounds that you'll never mend
so i've found i rather stand alone
than have a fair weather friend because the one thing i could
always count on from you
was nothing at all.

watch me walk away

you cannot tell me how to live my life
because you have never spent
a moment in my shoes
you don't know how many steps i've taken,
but i do know one thing;
you should stop throwing stones when your
house is one made of glass—
once you told me we couldn't be friends,
and i quite agree
we can't;
your hollow apologies mean nothing
when you keep repeating offenses and sew further
seeds of discord into our once friendship
take it with dignity and stop chasing after me and just
let me walk away
because i am not yours to have and to hold
you cannot own nor tame me—
the only thing you can afford yourself is watching me
walk away
you've brought this on yourself.

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