Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tom Hall- A Poem

Meeting Alastair: A Sonnet

I was a new student the night he spoke to our small group
The U. of Edinburgh's club for lesbians and gays
Americans, I soon found out, were't cherished by this troupe,
A vague feeling we talked too much and pushy in our ways

One day this certain fellow showed to rouse us from our play.
We'd been more of a social group, more candy than strong tea.
He told us that in Nottingham, gay students planned to march.
They'd asked if we'd support them, and said we should agree.

He stared us down with Scottish eyes, awaiting our response.
Instead he met with apathy: "an option, yes, perhaps".
The next day he and I alone went to esconce.
There must be human rights for all, on this there are no maps.

He wasn't an imposing man, until the cause was right.
Although he was quite handsome with a charming wit and ways
We became friends (I was smitten) and courted him at night.
This year will be our 30th, he never lost that gaze.

Some people are Original, while others truly Thoughtful,
add a kind and loving heart, you'll have his epitaph.
These qualities are symptoms of his ethics and morals,
and like a topping on ice cream, his comments make me laugh

I dedicate this love poem to the answer of my life
A marriage lived on higher ground, and didn't need a wife.

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