Friday, March 25, 2016

Michael Ceraolo- Two Poems

Buzzer Beater (8)

Tie game
Two seconds left
                                                                                         The ball inbounded
                                                                                     to a player on the right

                                                                        who took two dribbles
                                                                    and to the center

                                                                then heaved
                                                                a half-court shot

                                      that banked in for the win

[Insert your own cliche and/or crappy metaphor about bank shots


Buzzer Beater (9)

He caught either a very bad shot or a very good pass;
whether because he had no shot even from two feet
or because he wasn't aware of the time
or because he valued style over substance,
he went up for the dunk to tie the game
though the ball was over the rim in the cylinder
it hadn't actually left his hand as time expired
and his team lost

1 comment:

  1. The yin and yang of sports. "To the victor, the spoils." To the losers. "Hang your tails between your legs," and go home. "All dogs (do not) go to heaven." Losers go to hell, or at least as far as their rabid fans who bet on the game are concerned.