Monday, September 7, 2015

Stephen Bone- A Poem


From the cupboard under your stairs
you pick one from its tray.
A sort of apple, open-ended,
on the turn.

Try, you urge, a spoon waved
like a hypnotist's chain. Reluctantly,
a child braced for medicine I open up
to be fed a scoop of decay.

Good ? You ask, moist rot melting
to the cusp of sweetness. I tremble a nod
as you slough off your snakeskin boots;
coil yourself into a chair.
The  poem was previously published in The Interpreter's House ( Spring 2014 ) and in my first collection ' In The Cinema ' published Playdead Press 2014.
Stephen Bone has been published in various journals, including Ink,sweat&tears, Snakeskin, The Interpreter's House and The Rialto. First collection published Playdead Press 2014.

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