Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ryan Quinn Flanagan- Two Poems


She said
they could not afford a car
and he asked to her sit on the couch
beside him.

Then he adjusted his mirrors
and asked her to buckle up
for safety.

Where to?, he asked.
Paris, she said.
Then Paris it is, he started up
the car.

And after that Saturn,
we can finally pick you up
a ring.                     

She leaned over and kissed him
on the cheek
as they backed out

of the

Dandruff Shaking Heads

I’m not assured
but there’s no turning me

I’m not a record
though I

the people on the street below
look like dandruff shaking heads
flaking on their various
commitments -
on work
on diet
on love…

me, I have nowhere to be
but here.

scratching myself
by a window
with many winged bug things
of yesterday’s living

squashed into

 Bio: Ryan Quinn Flanagan lives deep in the Canadian Shield with a nurse that drives a big blacked out truck and many hungry bears that rifle through his garbage.

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