Monday, September 21, 2015

Heather Gelb- Three Poems

Brief Bio: I often feel like a gazelle as I leap from hilltop to hilltop, finding inspiration in the valleys of my life. On one of these hills I recently publish my memoir, my spiritual journey from
the hills of one land to another:
One of my poems based on this book will be featured in the fall edition of Poetica Magazine.
The Good Eye
I mistook the shiny object for
A blue marble, neglected,
Hiding beneath a bush,
Guarded by cageless crickets chirping songs of
Love and redemption.
In my hand the marble became an eye
With a blue so deep I ached
With the beauty of
Deep, cleansing waters infused with
Laughing dolphins and
Sheltering  skies housing vibrant rainbows.
I gazed beyond all shades of blue
and saw the reflection of
All that is good threaded among the
Gray in the world.
Who is missing their good eye?
I felt both of my eyes, even the dent,
A dent that I try to fill in a bit more each year.
Tears fell from my eyes as
I lamented all the one-eyed people
Raising one-eyed children to see
Only half of the picture on a changing canvas and
Calling that truth.
The eye in my hand blinked.
I threw the eye into the deep blue and
An unnamed bird clutched it gently in its talons.
Please bring it to who needs it most
I called after the retreating bird.

The Wall
Sometimes I reach out
To touch a wall and am
Electrified by
The pulse of star dust embedded in the stone,
Emotions fossilized in dried tears of Loss and discovery.
A hum of recognition,
Light through the cracks...
Sometimes I reach out
Again and again to
Touch a soul imprisoned within hard flesh
And I touch just
A wall
Off Balance
There is goes again
A spin cycle interrupted
By clothes thrown off balance.
A heavy towel on one side,
A light t-shirt on the other,
Stuck – waiting for my hand
To rearrange the  load.
Sometimes I feel
That my cycle is interrupted
My soul thrown off balance,
Heavy thoughts on one side,
Light faith on the other,
Stuck – waiting for the hand of God
to rearrange my spiritual load.