Monday, September 14, 2015

Gary Mennie- A Poem

*****  More Productive  *****

Spending the day doing Tai-Chi, Yoga, or Lotus Meditation
    with wild heavenly heartfelt mind
    is more productive than foolish clear-cutting
         of forests

Spending the day reading Leaves of Grass by the edge of a brook
    with libertine delight
    is more productive than manufacturing weapons
         of any kind

Spending the day exploring naked willing bodies
    in sacred holy fashion
    is more productive than creating violence
         over greed or morals

Spending the day studying Nature
    in rapturous nirvana bliss
    is more productive than confined
         classroom schooling

Spending the day sharing an egalitarian life
    in simplified monkish style
    is more productive than most
         wage-slave welfare programs

Spending the day reverently communing with the Oneness of Everything
    with magical, mystical insight
    is more productive than mindless
         dogmatic rituals

Spending the day honoring cooperative interdependent relations
    with integrated self-sustaining practices
    is more productive than any profit oriented government sanctioned
         exploitive corporate agenda

Spending the day organically tending the earth
    while compassionately composting with joy
    is more productive than making more cars, roads, and malls
         for deadly needless consumption

Spending the day holistically caring and healing the sick and dying
    with genuine empathetic interest
    is more productive than unaffordable insurance sanctioned
         medical drug company schemes

Spending a life gracefully applying most of these insights
    with enlightened democratic spirits
    would've been more productive
         than writing this poem

Gary Mennié is a native folk poet of Central New Jersey. He is the author of Growing Moments, a journal of philosophical poems reflecting a unique, eclectic blend of radical, iconoclastic, and rebellious views of the modern world, woven within a deep spiritual, compassionate awareness of our wild and mystical journey with nature

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