Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Michael Enevoldsen- Three Poems


The journey of a bird
to the other side
through grey days
to meet the blue light
of new horizons
To sing the blue song over emerald oceans
to spread the blue freedom
all over the sky
The journey of a bird
to meet the light on the other side...


The house of a guitarist
At the shore of the lake
Playing its songs from waves and wind
Stage light from sun and rolling clouds
Raindrops the sound of drums.
The house of a guitarist near the waves
Composing its symphony with blue elements!

In seas of solitude
Seashells sang songs
Of light moments in the sun
Each song an echo of summer breeze
In seas of solitude
Seashells sang lullabies of green
To light up the dark depths
That shrouded dreams of spring
In the wake of autumn nights…

Michael Enevoldsen is a poet and photographer, who lives in Denmark, just outside the capital of Copenhagen. He has education as both a gardener and preschool teacher. The latter he finished at the University College of the city of Roskilde in 2015. His interests include literature, metaphysics, philosophy, meditation and nature – particularly bird watching and hiking. His poems have appeared in some international magazines, including Lummox Poetry Anthology 4 (USA), Calliope: Literary and Visual Arts Magazine (USA) Yellow Chair Review (USA), The Commonline Journal (USA), Time of Singing, (USA), Aquillrelle Anthology (Belgium), Section 8 Magazine (one micropoem combined with two of his photos(USA), Indiana Voice Journal (USA), Writing Raw (USA), Under the Fable (UK) and A Divine Madness: an Anthology of Modern Love Poetry - Volume 1 (CANADA).

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