Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


cold winds blow,
banned from western lands,
where heat and fire,
now reign,
earth and sky smoky,
the terrain,
akin to the the surface of the sun,
hell, fire and brimstone,
finally come.

George Stephanopoulos

once a political lackey,
George now reports the news,
no beard needed now,
to cover the hives,
thank God,
taught Georgy how to lie,
his conscience no longer bothers him,
a convert to the way,
my wife turns George on to start her day,
while my stomach recoils,
and hives begin to appear,
under my beard.

Hitler's Pride

Gobbels graduates,
post and tweet,
statistics available for every viewpoint,
every side,
numbers easily found,
in support of the lies,
over and over again,
articles written,
for minds too small to consider both sides,
politicians too lazy or scared to try to explain,
attack the system,
and each other,
assessing the blame,
people ignorant,
play along,
and pick a side,
no one demanding answers,
or at least,
solutions to try,
they scream and shout,
and text,
post and tweet,
blaming the other,
and misrepresenting the reality,
for any to see,
Gobbels graduates,
Hitler would be proud.

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